Home education is a perfectly acceptable education choice
for school aged children, according to legislation in
all Australian states and territories.
As daunting as it first seems to those just embarking
on the journey, it is a wonderful way to meet the
educational needs of a great many children
Educating your children at home is entirely practical, too.
Best of all, home education is personal,
tailored to the unique needs of each child.

Home educators can be constantly taking knowledge of our children,
in love, and working with them for their good.

Hedjumacation aims to provide:

  • general information for all families who are exploring the opportunities of home education
  • specific information for those living in Australia’s Capital Territory.
    Legal requirements do vary between each state and territory in Australia, just as they do from country to country around the world. Do make sure that you are aware of the requirements applicable to where you live.
  • a conversational style that invites you to think things through for yourself, rather than being told what to do

Whether you are just wondering if home education might be
the right choice for your family, or you’re a long-term practitioner,
we hope you find something useful on this site.

IF YOU’RE JUST STARTING OUT with home education, we suggest that you read pages in the Appraisal Time, Building Blocks, and Official Stuff sections first. We also encourage you to become involved in at least one of the local networks, because being part of a relevant Community will help you see home education in action, and provide you and your child with encouragement and support.

IF YOU’VE BEEN HOME EDUCATING FOR A WHILE feel free to poke around – hopefully there are articles of interest for you here, too. There are plenty of things to give you food for thought in the Considerations and Education sections, or if you’re in need of some encouragement, look in Parentcare.

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We have overlooked the obvious: that if you institutionalise
education, you subvert it, the child serving the institution
rather than the institution serving the child; that if you
take the home out of the child’s education and the child’s
education out of the home, you take the child out of both.
~ Bernie Schein