What sort of website name is hedjumacation?
In short, it’s both a play on the term ‘home education’ (h’education)
and a nod of acknowledgement to the many self learners (autodidacts)
who have shaped my own development over the years.

It’s a tricky thing, deciding on a website name that conveys your full intentions for your website. This website was begun towards the end of 2007), and after such a lengthy time, your imagination does start to get a little unruly.

Names I’d like would turn up associated online connotations that were entirely distasteful, or an idea that at first seemed to have merit would end up sounding pompous or twee. We certainly didn’t want to represent ourselves as having the be-all and end-all knowledge on the subject of home education – it’s far too vast a topic for any such proclamation.

Playing with Language

‘Hedjumacation’ appealed, because as I played with it, it took on a meaning that was particularly relative to the intentions of this website.

h edj — home education (pronounced: edj-a-kay-shun)
u m a — it’s about you, me and all our family
c — specific information is for those resident in Canberra, ACT, Australia
ation — a suffix for the action or instance of causing to be

So, with a little (okay, a copious amount of) creative etymological license, ‘hedjumacation’ in the context of this website could be said to be the action or instance of causing education to be in the best interests of the child, the primary educator and all the family, at home in the ACT.

It’s Personal

Ultimately, ‘hedjumacation’ has held enduring appeal because, like home education, it’s personal.

When I was growing up, I knew a number of gracious older folk who, if they discerned that others were suggesting they were lacking a proper education in some way, would joke about a bit, saying that they “didn’t get no proper hedjumacation”. Really the joke was on the accuser more than the accused, because these were, without fail, highly intelligent and well educated people, though their schooling was usually not at the hands of any formal system.

These people:

  • I recognised as being most admirable
  • were true autodidacts (self-learners)
  • were articulate because they chose to be
  • knew about things – the heights, the depths, the breadths and the dimensions of all sorts of subjects – because they were interested
  • were interesting to talk to, and were interested in others

Sometimes these people:

  • commanded vast monetary fortunes
  • simply commanded the wealth of living richly

These are the people I’ve longed to imitate in my life. These are the people whose courage, character and common sense, alongside their intelligence and learning, I have considered most worthy of emulation.

Responsibilities & Fun

When we elect to take personal responsibility for our children’s education, becoming home educators, we must bring all of ourselves to the experience, including our ability to laugh at ourselves and not take things too seriously.

So – while home education itself is a serious responsibility to take on, our name (hedjumaction) serves to remind us of the personal pursuit of learning, as well as the need to stay light hearted in the midst our endeavours.

May you find the journey rewarding, and your children benefit throughout their lives from your personal involvement in this vital area of their development.

Humour is a rubber sword – it allows you
to make a point without drawing blood.
~ Mary Hirsch