Appraisal Time


How do you get started with this whole home education deal?
There is a legal requirement (see Official Stuff), but the usual
starting point is with educating yourself. Your appraisal time is
actually crucial, no matter how quick or prolonged it is.


In this section you will find articles about shaping your concepts before you actually get started with home education. This is about your thought process, rather than the nuts and bolts of getting under way. See the next section, Building Blocks, for articles about getting under way.

Articles in this section:

Beginning Well Challenging Yourself What Teachers Wish They Could Give

Why NOT? You’re Doing WHAT?

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Home education is a legal, viable, respectable education
choice when practiced by honourable people.

In all states of Australia, legislation makes provision for responsible parents to choose between sending their children to an accredited school, participating in distance education, or educating them at home.

Home education is not keeping your children out of school so you can all veg in front of the telly all day. Nor is it keeping the children out of school so they can be free labour in your family business. Children who don’t attend school because their parents don’t want to ‘bother’ getting them there are not home educated either.

Children who are home educated are purposefully instructed by their parents using home as a base in providing a varied, broad ranging, child-benefiting education.

… we have come to realise that for most men the right
to learn is curtailed by the obligation to attend school.

~ Ivan Illich