Building Blocks

Okay, so you’ve gone through the agony of deciding whether
you will indeed home educate. You’ve talked it through,
taken a deep breath and said, “Yep, let’s do it!”
Or maybe circumstances have forced the decision,
and it’s the only real choice you see that you have.


This section is about the nuts and bolts of getting going.

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Whatever your reasons for undertaking the home education of your child, there are a few cautions I would issue as you get under way.

  • accept that ‘home education’ is an entirely different educational model to ‘school education’, and it rarely works well, long-term, as ‘school at home’
  • understand that this is a process, and it will evolve
  • be gentle with yourself
  • be flexible with your child

As you explore the nuts and bolts of getting under way, keep your heart and mind open, and remember to bring all the new input into the context of your own family and circumstances.

Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process,
gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding
old barriers, quietly building new structures.
~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy