Human beings function best in community. When
you’re doing something outside the norm, it’s always
helpful to have people around who support you
and understand why you’re doing what you do.
This is definitely true of home education.


Networking – finding a community of like minded people to walk your path with – is vital to effective home education.

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In the ACT, there are two well-known networks of home educators, as well as numerous others which are friendship-based.

Public Profiles

  • CHEC
    Christian Home Educators of Canberra.
    Home Education Network of Canberra And Southern Tablelands.

HENCAST and CHEC both have paid membership (very reasonably priced) and teams who administrate the smooth running of the groups. Their group numbers are not restricted, although  excursions run by the groups may have number limits. Both groups run regular activities or events which provide both educational and social opportunities for home educated children and their parents.

Less Public Profiles

Other groups, with less public profiles, exist around the city and environs too, and these are usually accessed through contact with other home educators.

Smaller groups which meet in someone’s home or for a set purpose with limited resources may have number restrictions, and I encourage you to be understanding about this – it isn’t a personal slight, just a practicality on the part of the organiser.

None of these groups, even those with visible public profiles,
have offices or paid staff, so please be respectful of family
needs when you contact individuals for information or advice.



There are numerous ways to join non-physical home education communities, and these too can provide a wonderful support for what you’re doing. There are many Australian-based groups available, and even more internationally.

Rather than recommend my own personal favourites, here are some suggestions for groups to look out for.

  • Facebook groups
  • Forums
  • Yahoo groups
  • e-zines
  • Networks associated with specific curriculum or interests

Virtual communities can certainly become a welcome part
of your support network, but truthfully, there is nothing
that will beat personal contact with real people who
are supportive and understanding.


Poverty, I realized, wasn’t only a lack of
financial resources; it was isolation from the kind
of people that could help you make more of yourself.
~ Keith Ferrazzi