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A little bit of insight into what you might expect
in your encounters with the Department of Education,
from first inquiry to registration visit.


In this section, you will find articles which will hopefully help to dispel some myths about the government’s involvement in the registration of home education.

Articles in this section:

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Parents who are educating their children at home are required by law to obtain registration through the governing body of their own state or territory.

Specific requirements vary from state to state, but this section of our website will focus primarily on registration in the Australian Capital Territory.

When you begin to investigate the home education manual supplied by the Department of Education, it’s quite normal to feel overwhelmed. Please be assured, however, that what is required is not unduly onerous.

Neither extreme is true:

  • You can’t do nothing and sail through registration.
  • You don’t need to leap through schoolish hoops or over excessively academic hurdles in order to be approved

If you are genuinely educating your child from home, providing good opportunities to ensure the child is receiving a high quality education, and are willing to communicate with authorities about your endeavours, all will likely be well.

The truth is more interesting, and if you tell the truth
you never have to cover your tracks.
~ Gordon Atkinson